Here we want like to introduce our kennel...

We are breeding Great Danes in our kennel “von der Wolfsöhle”  since 1994.

We are recognized members of VDH and breed strictly due the standarts of it. We are members of the “DDC-Ortsgruppe Bayreuth” too.

We have a voluntary inspection for our kennels from an Official Veterinarian and we made an examination about § 11 Animal Welfare Act. The basic requirement for our breed are dogs with a good charakter and best physical health. The look should be very near at the breedstandart and the according requirements of the VDH/FCI.

Our litters get born in our house in a special room, which is made especially for the aims of our female with their puppies. The puppies grow up in our house, so they can learn everything, that belongs to a normal family live (cats, children, TV...).

All puppies have, when they came in their new environment, their prescribed vaccination and they are multiple dewormed. Every puppy have a microchip. They get VDH Pedigrees, a vets certificate and a certificate of vaccination.

Our dogs have 5000 qm garden to run and to play. They have large kennels with a big anteroom and doghouse. Of course  they live in our house too.

Our worktimes are managed, that everytime ist somebody at home, who takes care of our dogs. Our danes are a part of our family and they also have regulary contact to other persons and animals. We take a special look to our breed at a species- appropriate animal husbanddry and feeding. You can see the results in our exhibition successes.

It´s our ambition to find a good and lovely home for every of our puppies.

If you are interested, you can always visit or mail us. All owners of “our” danes can contact us everytime, when they have questions or problems with their dogs.

We extend a welcome to everybody, who wants to get to know us and our dogs.

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